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Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  December 16, 2021

Today we are extremely proud to announce the launch of the Pulse Market ESG passport. 

The ESG Passport launch, originally scheduled for Spring 2022, was brought forward to support SMEs who can no longer wait to address the urgent climate issues discussed at COP26. It is also driven by the ethical consumer revolution with its far-reaching impact on financial services firms and their supply chains. 

Michael O’Shea, CEO, Pulse Market commented: “There is a real burning appetite across all businesses but especially within Financial Services and FinTech companies of all sizes. These companies are required to conduct themselves and their businesses in a regulated and transparent manner and make a difference for good. ESG has been the area our supporters and clients have their biggest challenges and biggest opportunities. Our platform can now support their ESG journey from first early steps to long term success.” 

The earlier than planned launch of the product was made possible by securing funding through Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) programme. And we are incredibly grateful to Carol Gribbon, Enterprise Ireland’s Divisional Manager and their team for the ongoing support of our vision for Pulse Market.  

Enterprise Ireland’s Divisional Manager, ICT & International Services, Carol Gibbons said: “At Enterprise Ireland we have always been committed to helping founders start and grow their businesses internationally. Pulse Market is a great example of an innovation-led start-up, and we are delighted to back the company as it launches its new ESG Passport for Financial Services companies, which aligns the Pulse Market platform with the global sustainability agenda.” 

About the ESG Passport? 

The Pulse Market ESG Passport, endorsed by Scottish Investment Operations (SIO), is effectively a sustainability health-check for financial services providers and suppliers to the industry.  

Businesses complete the ESG Questionnaire quickly and easily online, in return receive a personalised ESG report, a comprehensive ESG guide to enable them to act now and reach ESG goals faster, and they may publicly display their company’s new ESG credentials with the downloadable Pulse Market ESG Passport. 

Mark Carruthers, CEO Scottish Investment Operations commented: “SIO is committed to supporting its membership, including prominent financial firms, as they seek to lead the financial service world globally in ESG, ensuring ethical supply chains. We are delighted to launch the ESG Passport, in conjunction with Pulse Market, to ensure that our firms’ suppliers have an advantageous starting point to begin their ESG journey.” 

Who is the ESG Passport for? 

The Pulse Market ESG Passport is designed to support the financial services industry and its suppliers who are facing new challenges to satisfy ESG measurement and reporting requirements, such as Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).  

Bonus time - find out more: 

You can find out more about the passport and our incredible introductory offer with additional bonus visit: ESG passport

If you are in procurement or vendor management and are interested in supporting your supply chain through the ESG Passport, email a member of our team at 

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