Pulse Market ESG Passport

Be part of an ethical supply chain with ESG at its core

ESG is today's great business disruptor influenced by changing customer behaviours, legislation, and requirements to measure and report action taken.

Act now and reach ESG goals faster

Roadmap to success

Financial services deep rooted ESG focus and the rapid growth of passionate ethical consumers is revolutionising the procurement process.

The knock-on effect on supply chains is far reaching. Every link in the supply chain will be expected to provide evidence they are doing their bit and more. Are you ready?

The Pulse Market ESG passport is the tool to support and educate ethical supply chains. And evidence ESG due dilligence and reporting requirements. Start today.

ESG for Buyers

The ESG Pulse Market Passport is a 'Health Check' and a commitment to ethical supply chains. ESG passport holders are:
  • Leading the change with socially responsible supply chains
  • Gaining unique insights into ESG strengths and weaknesses along the supply chain
  • Developing a strong network of socially responsible supply chain businesses
  • Supporting ESG friendly supply chain networks to work smarter and better for good

ESG for Suppliers

The ESG Pulse Market Passport is a 'Health Check' and a commitment to ethical supply chains. ESG passport holders are:
  • Prioritising ESG goals and working together to hit ESG targets on time (or sooner!)
  • Gaining insights and support on the ESG journey
  • Driving change along the ESG journey to be better for good
  • Aligning company ESG values with stakeholders' ESG vision, strategy and goals.

Plan your ethical roadmap for success

Take a look at what our clients are saying about our ESG Passport and how it is helping drive their company’s ESG goals
“Not only have I now gained an ESG passport, the supporting information and documents allow me to build out the roadmap for my businesses ESG success.”

Chief Executive Officer,
Irish Fintech Company
“The output of the ESG passport really showed us that the business was focused on the environmental aspects, far more than any social or governance objectives.”

Procurement Manager,
UK Financial Services Company
“For £100 and half an hour's work, we now have a ESG roadmap that will help drive our ESG objectives and actions for the next year.”

Sales Director
Supplier to Scottish Financial Services Company
“Having completed the ESG Passport our business is now far more aligned to potential tier 1 clients. This due diligence process shows all our clients we are serious about ESG in our business and supply chain.”

Chief Operations Officer,
RegTech Firm

ESG Passport endorsed by Scottish Investment Operations

The Pulse Market ESG Passport was exclusively developed in conjunction with Tier 1 Asset Managers. It’s a business health check endorsed by Scottish Investment Operations to support the financial services industry, its suppliers and partners.
The SIO is a professional body which supports fund management, asset servicing and investment banking companies based in Scotland.

“Scottish Investment Operations (SIO) and its member firms are committed to leading the financial services world globally in ESG, ensuring that there are ethical supply chains. We are delighted to launch the ESG Passport, in conjunction with Pulse Market, to ensure that our firms’ suppliers have an advantageous starting point to begin their ESG journey.”
Mark Carruthers - 
CEO Scottish Investment Operations

10 reasons Pulse Market ESG Passport 
holders make a difference

Satisfy ESG due diligence, measurement and regulatory reporting requirements
Gain insights into suppliers' ESG credentials
Provide transparency around ESG offerings for procurement process
Collaborate and create ethical supply chains
Amplify trust in your company
Engage clients who value commitment to ESG
Attract and retain employees proud to work for a company with purpose
Access partner solutions that guide, train and assist with ESG goals
Part of an influential ESG leadership community
Accelerate action to tackle the climate crisis

Unlock the ESG passport tools today

Simple Completion

Complete ESG Self-Assessment to gain insight and support your ESG journey

Receive Support

Receive a bespoke report provided to understand your current ESG status

Take Action

Use your report to start moving forward or fine tune your ESG goals across the business

Share & Influence

Share report with stakeholders to communicate where company’s ESG focus should be

Download & Keep

Download and display your ESG passport on Pulse Page

Promote & Educate

Promote and share Passport to publicly communicate ESG commitment

Make Connections

Connect with ESG partners for team training, guidance and third-party accreditations

Access Pulse Market

Gain free access to Pulse Market, the ethical procurement platform
''The topic of ESG, is the area our supporters have their biggest challenges and biggest opportunities. Pulse Market platform can now support their ESG journey from early steps to long term success.”

Michael O'Shea

Pulse Market CEO

Interested in supporting your supply chain through the ESG Passport?

Be part of the driving force overcoming the challenges and discovering opportunities in the world of ESG. Pulse Market is working with Financial Services companies, to help bring their supply chain on an advantageous ESG roadmap to success. If you would like further information on how we can help your supply chain gain the ESG Passport, please contact us below:
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