Concept to launch - it's as easy as ESG

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  December 17, 2021

As a start-up we have the added advantage of being agile and can respond quickly to the needs of our clients and their suppliers. And that’s exactly what we’ve done for buyers and suppliers in the financial services industry. We have listened, developed, tested, and launched the Pulse Market ESG passport in under 4 months.  

The ESG Passport has been exclusively developed by members of the Pulse team together with the Scottish Investment Operations (SIO). It is the first major outcome from our ESG working groups that we have been hosting throughout 2021 for the financial services sector.  

The working group is the ESG forum led by John Dowdall our Chief Revenue Officer and John Ellis our Chief Operating Officer who meet regularly with group members from leading Financial Services companies in the UK. It has fast become the place to learn from each other and openly discuss the challenges we are each facing including the new regulations surrounding ESG reporting and the knock-on effect on the supply chains. Discussions resulted in the gem of an idea – the ESG Passport. 

Members of the forum were all in agreement an affordable ESG solution was essential to enhance suppliers' knowledge and showcase ESG credentials as financial service providers are expected to measure and report on ESG.  

Unfortunately, too many suppliers looking to do the right thing are missing out on RFP opportunities. It is not because suppliers lack the skills, knowledge, and expertise, it is because they lack ESG credentials and cannot afford the high consultancy fees to gain them. To continue servicing the financial services sector, suppliers will be expected to provide evidence of ESG credentials.  

Enter ESG Passport for Suppliers 

The Pulse Market ESG passport addresses the potential knock-on effects to supply chains in the financial industry due to the requirement to report ESG activity.  

The ESG Passport is designed to support and enhance companies understanding of their Environmental, Social and Governance behaviours, helping businesses, their clients and supply chain, building business awareness and knowledge on their ESG journey to be better for good.  

Businesses complete the ESG Questionnaire quickly and easily online, in return receive a personalised ESG report, a comprehensive ESG guide to enable them to act now and reach ESG goals faster, and they may publicly display their company’s new ESG credentials with the downloadable Pulse Market ESG Passport. 

Get a passport 

For Suppliers: 

The ESG Passport is available to suppliers to buy now. Find out more about the exclusive offer and bonus available for a limited time at  

For buyers 

If you are in procurement or vendor management and are interested in supporting your supply chain through the ESG Passport, email a member of our team at to discuss support material and supplier codes.  

P.S Watch this space! 

The ESG Passport is the first of many planned with further Passport launches coming in 2022 to support SMEs with their information security, GDPR, risk and governance challenges. 

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