What difference does a beautifully designed online platform make to your user experience?

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  July 29, 2021

At Pulse Market we are about making people smile while doing business. We do this by giving you the tools designed to do your job easily on an online platform that is beautifully designed.  

As buyers and sellers log in to Pulse Market the first thing, they comment on is how beautiful the design is and how easy it is to use. It is no secret among the Pulse Market team that this is down to our talented designers working closely with our incredible team of software developers. Together they have designed and developed an online platform that is a joy to look at and a joy to use.  

One reason first impressions are so positive is that it feels familiar and therefore comfortable to navigate. This is because our designers haven’t over complicated functionality instead, they incorporated familiar conventions from good web design such as logo position, web friendly fonts, navigation buttons and many more subtle details.  

The secret to the positive user experience on the platform is the designers work closely with our software developers to ensure the design not only looks beautiful but it seamlessly works in harmony with the back end of Pulse Market Platform.  

The way the developers and designers work together is like an Olympic team carefully planning in great detail every step, every milestone and then working together in ‘sprints’ progressing each stage rapidly.    

P.S You can get to know Mariana and Taise in a quick fire Q&A where they talk about their training, their time with Pulse Market and some fun facts too. 

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