Pulse Market signals the end of the agency beauty pageant

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  August 4, 2021

Our guest writer, David Lewis, recently shared his daily struggles of ‘sweet talking beauty pageants’, in other words pitches to win business. David spurred us on to think even more about why the whole procurement process is a challenge for buyers and sellers

David talked through the labour intensive and costly process that sellers must complete to attempt to win new business (and maintain annually to service a client). He explained that ludicrous amounts of time (and money) are spent pulling together policy documents, accreditation, and certifications for it to simply become a tick in the box on a procurement checklist. Forget the skills, creativity magic and expertise that the agency will deliver to elevate a business.

David is one of many buyers and sellers we have interviewed to find out more about the challenges they face working their way through the laborious procurement system.

Listening to the buyers and sellers it made us understand why the procurement process is causing headaches for everyone. Procurement process was born in paper driven age, to create a paper trail and audits – it has failed to adapt to our paperless digital age. Until now.

Pulse Market’s team listened, learned, and harnessed 21st century intelligent technology and AI - and applied our brains to fixing an outdated and broken procurement system.

In summary Pulse Market is a cloud-based platform that is fixing an outdated process and transforming the procurement now fit for a digital age.

Here are some of the ways Pulse Market is transforming the procurement process:

  • Save time searching for the right business partners
  • Manage suppliers, buyers, and stakeholders in a single and secure place
  • Easily create RFPs/RTIs and invite a response
  • Store assets in a single and secure repository to respond quickly and easily
  • Work with trusted favourites and discover new and exciting partnerships
  • Improve governance with a transparent audit trail

A pre-release of Pulse Market is coming soon, and you can be the first to try it. Arrange a demo today by emailing: exec@pulsemarket.com

P.S You can read David Lewis’ full article 'The crowd goes wild when you win a contract but at what cost'

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