Top 10 reasons for getting an ESG Passport

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  December 20, 2021

The rapid growth of passionate ethical consumers is revolutionising the procurement process. The knock-on effect on supply chains is far reaching. Soon every link in the supply chain will be expected to provide evidence they are doing their bit and more. Many expert suppliers are missing out on opportunities because they lack ESG credentials.  

You can show your commitment to ethical supply chains with a Pulse Market ESG Passport and here are 10 reasons Pulse Market ESG Passport holders can make a difference: 

1 Satisfy ESG due diligence, measurement, and regulatory reporting requirements 

2 Engage clients who value commitment to ESG 

3 Gain insights into your ESG activities 

4 Provide transparency around ESG offerings for procurement process 

5 Collaborate and create ethical supply chains 

6 Amplify trust in your company 

7 Attract and retain employees proud to work for a company with purpose 

8 Access partner solutions that guide, train and assist with ESG goals 

9 Part of an influential ESG leadership community 

10 Accelerate action to tackle the climate crisis 

Read what are clients are saying about the ESG passport and get a Passport for your company here

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