Did you know ESG, and sustainability ratings are influencing buyers choices?

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  August 9, 2021

More and more businesses are recognizing sustainability ratings are influencing buying decisions. That’s why organisations are carefully considering their ESG practices. According to a report shared in Wealth Adviser “Three tenths (30 per cent) are willing to accept lower returns on an investment if it has a positive social or environmental impact. The majority (52 per cent) expect the ESG market to grow rapidly by 2026.”* 

At Pulse Market we aim to be at the forefront of ESG and are striving to help businesses to find the right business partners who can buy and sell from each other while doing business better. 

That’s why we have committed to the Pulse Market ESG pledge to do business for good. We’re pleased to say we are not alone. 

At the start of the year, we set up an ESG User Group. Our membership covers large and medium sized asset managers, insurers, Regtech and risk management firms. The User Group’s ethos is around idea sharing in an open, honest and trusted. Here at Pulse Market, we are continually learning from this dynamic forum who are leading and embracing all things ESG. Watch this space as we’ll share our findings soon.

Beyond our ESG User group we pay close attention to what is happening in Ireland, the UK and around the globe. There is an upwards trend demanding ESG investment portfolios for example: “Mortgage lender BML commissioned an independent survey among 735 UK investors, all of which have portfolios worth in excess of GBP20,000, not including any primary property, savings, pensions, or SIPPs. It found that 24 per cent had made an ESG investment in the past.”* 

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