How do we keep our finger on the pulse?

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  July 21, 2021

As a team of inquisitive people who are keen to keep our finger on the pulse, we needed to challenge our concept and validate our product during the Beta Test.

Who better to ask than those individuals on the frontline? The buyers and the sellers dealing with the everyday challenges of an outdated procurement process that eats up time and money that we all know could be better spent elsewhere on the business.

That’s why we set up user groups and hosted over 70 interviews to validate and test the concept of Pulse Market. We invited leaders from the world of procurement, with a diverse range of backgrounds from a large, Tier One Edinburgh-based Asset Manager, a UK insurer, a Irish bank, a mix of FinTechs and marketing agencies. The purpose of the user groups and interviews was to allow us to ask questions and for the users to feedback their views while sharing their own experiences and challenges with people in similar roles.

Each person was there to challenge us, challenge the Pulse Market concept and challenge the product features. On the surface each person was different with a unique experience and a unique perspective to bring to the group. It soon became apparent they all shared the same challenges and pain points – ones we had identified early on and new ones we discovered during the user group meetings.

The user groups have been an incredible source of knowledge and we’re grateful to everyone who took part and generously gave up their time and knowledge. Their conversations and insights have sparked many more innovative ideas that the team are already working on to add soon to Pulse Market.

We’d like to thank everyone for giving up their valuable time to work with us and provide their honest feedback and huge amount of encouragement. With their insights we’re confident Pulse Market is a solution that will transform how buyers and sellers will do business for good.

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