We're ready to share our origin story

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  July 19, 2021

Every business needs a good origin story. Well here’s ours. Pulse Market began in a Dublin pub with 3 men sitting down together to set out a grand plan. The grand plan was to fix the broken world of procurement and become the force for doing good in business. That’s where the story began.  

Flash forward to July 2021 and we have a team of 15 from around the globe, www.pulsemarket.com is live and we’re getting ready to welcome companies onboard to try the Pulse Market platform.  

If you’d like to learn more have a look around our website starting here or read on to discover more about why we started.  

Our three founders from the world of Reg Tech and financial services witnessed first-hand the challenges of buying and selling. They know billions of pounds are wasted every year in a broken system.  

The founders decided to build on their experience and success of running their own businesses. Together, Michael O’Shea, John Dowdall and John Ellis applied their brain power to solving the challenges of procurement for buyers and sellers. As a start-up our founders could start with a blank page.  

The founders were all in agreement that ESG values would be at the core of the business. In the words of John Dowdall:
“ESG is part of our DNA, as individuals and in how we’ve developed our business and the Pulse platform itself. We’re committed to operating responsibly, ethically and, always, with the wider impact of our decisions at the forefront of our minds. We’ve built Pulse Market mindful of the growing focus on ESG, its critical role in the regulatory landscape and in partnership negotiations.”  

As a start-up we are building new and solid foundations by embedding ESG into our culture, unlike larger institutions attempting to retrofit ESG into their culture and values. That’s why in everything we do at Pulse Market we pledge to adhere to ESG in every way we do business. Taking it to the next level we want to help businesses access the tools and companies that can support their own commitment to ESG.  Read more about our ESG Commitment

As you will see Pulse Market is growing rapidly.  

We have the advantage of being an agile start-up ready to embrace intelligent technology to simplify an over complicated system for buyers and sellers.  

As a naturally inquisitive team we are keen to listen and learn and that is key to our rapidly evolving solution.  

If you have any questions or feedback we’d love you to contact us.

For a live Pulse Market demo get in touch today at exec@pulsemarket.com

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