Meet the global team behind Pulse Market

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  July 22, 2021

Starting up in the roaring twenties in a digital age with no borders gives us the added advantage of recruiting beyond our local boundaries. Instead, we can attract talent from around the globe - from Dublin to Seville and Edinburgh to Osijek. Attracting individuals with the unique skills and expertise to deliver a new platform at pace but at the same time share the same values of doing business for good.

As our CEO Michael O’Shea says: “We make doing business simple, seamless and fun. That’s what gets us motivated every day. Our vision is to connect compatible businesses all over the globe, take the pain out of procurement and make our clients smile."

Today we have 15 on our dynamic team, a blend of UX designers, web developers, product developers and industry experts from 7 countries speaking 13 languages between us. Our skills are as varied as the towns and cities we live in but together we share a common goal of delivering positive change to an industry and an enjoyable experience on Pulse Market.

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