Looking Back To Look Forward.

Author: David Lewis
Date:  January 26, 2021

We asked the pulse team for the one key stand-out from the last six months and one key future activity they are looking forward to seeing: 

John Ellis 
From Small Ideas…

LOOKING BACK: 3 guys agreeing on a new business venture after exploring and discounting various options.  
LOOKING FORWARD: Welcoming our 100th firm on to the platform in 2022 and being voted best place to work by our people. 

John Dowdall 
Member Validation.

LOOKING BACK: Remembering the evalution of the vision through engagements in validation sessions & workshops with member firms.  
LOOKING FORWARD: Seeing the industry change through the smart use of technology to make doing business easier and more intuitive for all. 

Michael Oshea
User Group Feedback.

LOOKING BACK: One highlight was the day we held four workshop sessions with 13 User Group members; 6 hours in total on Zoom!! But great to hear the enthusiastic feedback on our initial product wireframe & the views for how we should prioritise our efforts going forward.  

LOOKING FORWARD: I look forward to the day, hopefully not too far away, that a client manages end-to-end an RFP for the first time on Pulse. 

David Lewis
We're Going To Need A Bigger Boat!

 LOOKING BACK: Day one being blown away with the vision and scale of opportunity the Marketplace could offer.  

LOOKING FORWARD: Building something special for our clients our team and to change the procurement process for the better. 

Taise Lopes
Creative Innovation.

LOOKING BACK: I led a UX / UI team to develop a platform for a non-profit organisation in order to help people who have suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

LOOKING FORWARD: For this year, I will bring innovative and creative thinking to Pulse. A new Era is coming and our procurement process won't let you down anymore. 

Mariana Azedo
Keep Learning And Building Something Special.

LOOKING BACK: I was studying computing science aiming to get all my assignments completed. LOOKING FORWARD: I hope to keep learning and progress in my Career. 

Driving Technology.

LOOKING BACK: Over the past few months, I’ve worked in a team of developers, driving the latest technologies through different applications and platforms and I’m very excited to bring this to Pulse. 
LOOKING FORWARD: I’m not only looking forward to working on a company that it’s the best at what it does, but a company that has earned its employees respect and that makes people want to work for it. 

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