Bringing Our Pulse Vision To Life.

Author: David Lewis
Date:  January 16, 2021

When we started out on this venture as three guys in a pub, there were many ideas and hair-brained schemes we banded around that evening. However, at the heart of our discussion was a plan to act and be a different type of business one that was more rounded socially, environmentally but one that still delivered value, revenue, profit and stability. Today our vision and values is at the heart of our actions and our activities.


Outrageous Cost Savings 

By delivering process and template standardisation, a golden copy tender asset repository, instant vendor matching, and many more features, the Marketplace saves significant costs for all participants. 

Intuitive and User Friendly 

Our obsession is to make the Marketplace a fantastic user experience. Easy to use, very intuitive and we create a reason for users to come back every day. 

Substantial Time Savings 

Our efficient processes, standardisation and re-usability of tender assets, significantly reduces the end to end elapsed timescales. Resources are freed up to add additional value to your business. 

Suatainability/ESG at our core 

Sustainability is core to our business. We want to help drive our members to be good citizens to their employees, communities and to the environment we all share. 

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