Hunting, gathering and harvesting our data.

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  September 8, 2021

If data is the new oil, then AI (artificial intelligence) must be the new gold and we’ve got both.

As a youthful, energised start-up, it could be remiss of us to go off like a greyhound out the trap and get busy building our product hoping like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, that ‘if you build it, they will come.’ But the question we’ve been looking at is not ‘they’ but ‘who’. And every other question around that area, like why they are coming, what are they doing, how are they doing it, for how long and what are they not doing. All so we can provide insights and support to our clients.

The Pulse Market platform is in beta, we are proudly building what people want, changing what people don’t and adjusting what people do for better.

From day one we are focused on capturing data points that we can use to be better and to make changes for good in more ways than one. We have been working with Tom Trolez from Spark HQ ensuring that at the heart of our digital world, data is held, saved, used, and managed in the correct way, building a stronger backbone to our platform, helping us advise and enhance our products and service offering, helping our clients do more, in less time and win more business efficiently.

But hold on... whilst we are throwing around these buzzwords, what about the other big hitter, AI (artificial intelligence)? We are not just talking the talk on this either, the Pulse Market vision was built around a growing, ever evolving, learning, and enhancing vision. How do we continually help our clients enhance their offering through guidance, information, on-platform live feedback and artificial intelligence? So, when you’re in Pulse, it grows and changes as you do, as your world does and changes for good. The platform will feedback on content, answers, questions that score low or high. We’ll guide you on how buyers are searching, viewing and appointing businesses like yours. We’ll support effective and fast automation of responses, to give you time back.

With these two rich variables, data and AI, we can deliver our vision and help you succeed for good.

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