How can businesses become more environmentally friendly?

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  March 9, 2022

ESG reporting is top of mind for organisations in 2022 and beyond. But who is ready?

While larger organisations are appointing heads of sustainability or head of impact many smaller organisations are struggling to keep up and are feeling overwhelmed.

There are many ways businesses can become more environmentally friendly. Some small changes include:

  • Switching off equipment when it is not in use
  • Using recycled paper and ink cartridges
  • Encouraging employees to take public transport or cycle to work where possible
  • Installing energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Swapping to biodegradable cleaning products
  • Using reusable cups and water bottles
  • Composting food waste
  • Make a donation to an environmental charity or cause.

Individuals can also contribute to sustainable procurement and ESG initiatives by:

  • Buying products from companies that prioritise sustainability
  • Reducing the amount of waste they produce by recycling or reusing items instead of throwing them away (e.g., shopping bags made out of plastic bottles) and donating unwanted clothing to charity shops.
  • Choosing low carbon footprint alternatives like electric cars over petrol vehicles, which produce more CO₂ emissions per mile traveled due to combustion engines being less efficient than batteries.
  • Making a donation to an environmental charity or cause can also help further these initiatives because the money donated provides funding for research on how we can make our lives greener and more sustainable.

More and more consumers are making environmentally focused decisions it is driving positive change - this is having a knock on effect on supply chains. To help financial services buyers we designed the ESG Passport. It is a turnkey solution that is simple, educates and aligns buyers and suppliers ESG goals and vision.

Read about our ESG Vision

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