Introducing Michael O'Shea, our CEO, here to reflect on the last six months at Pulse Market. And what a six months it’s been.  

Michael said: "The focus was on hiring a quality team. We hired our first four team members in February, and today we are fourteen strong, a fantastic blend of talented individuals from all over Europe. Daily team calls include live weather reports from Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Scotland and Ireland. And with Covid abating, we are looking forward to meeting each other in person for the first time at our first all-hands weekend in Sevilla! 
Most of our energy has been spent on building out the first Beta version of our Pulse platform. We’ve worked closely with our ever-growing user community, mostly Asset Managers, Insurers, FinTech, Digital Marketing, and IT Service firms, to prioritise our product roadmap, and look forward to getting their feedback now on the live platform. 
Having shortened our name to Pulse Market from Pulse Marketplace, David Lewis and Sarah Shannon have led the definition of our marketing strategy, and begun to execute on this, with a revamped website, detailed mappings of client personas/pains to the product roadmap, and the beginning of a brand awareness campaign, primarily on LinkedIn. With much, much more to come. 
Our Pulse ESG Industry group meets up monthly to explore the shared problems and opportunities that our client community have around environmental, social and governance policies, and the Pulse ESG Passport is a first, tangible outcome from this group, which will support buyers and suppliers alike in responding to these challenges. Watch this space for more news on the Pulse Passport 
Over the coming 6-12 months we expect to be even busier:  
On the 23 August, we invited our early adopter clients to come on the live platform, in a Beta phase that will last to the end of November. We will incrementally deliver new features over this period and the key for us is getting real client feedback.  
I am also looking forward to engaging again with our investor community as part of our Autumn funding round. 

Finally, we look forward to strengthening the team towards the end of the year, as we seek to grow into 2022."  
As a team of inquisitive people, we want to discover what we are doing well, where we can improve, and what you would like to see in the Pulse Market. 

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Our guest writer, David Lewis, recently shared his daily struggles of ‘sweet talking beauty pageants’, in other words pitches to win business. David spurred us on to think even more about why the whole procurement process is a challenge for buyers and sellers

David talked through the labour intensive and costly process that sellers must complete to attempt to win new business (and maintain annually to service a client). He explained that ludicrous amounts of time (and money) are spent pulling together policy documents, accreditation, and certifications for it to simply become a tick in the box on a procurement checklist. Forget the skills, creativity magic and expertise that the agency will deliver to elevate a business.

David is one of many buyers and sellers we have interviewed to find out more about the challenges they face working their way through the laborious procurement system.

Listening to the buyers and sellers it made us understand why the procurement process is causing headaches for everyone. Procurement process was born in paper driven age, to create a paper trail and audits – it has failed to adapt to our paperless digital age. Until now.

Pulse Market’s team listened, learned, and harnessed 21st century intelligent technology and AI - and applied our brains to fixing an outdated and broken procurement system.

In summary Pulse Market is a cloud-based platform that is fixing an outdated process and transforming the procurement now fit for a digital age.

Here are some of the ways Pulse Market is transforming the procurement process:

A pre-release of Pulse Market is coming soon, and you can be the first to try it. Arrange a demo today by emailing:

P.S You can read David Lewis’ full article 'The crowd goes wild when you win a contract but at what cost'

Starting up in the roaring twenties in a digital age with no borders gives us the added advantage of recruiting beyond our local boundaries. Instead, we can attract talent from around the globe - from Dublin to Seville and Edinburgh to Osijek. Attracting individuals with the unique skills and expertise to deliver a new platform at pace but at the same time share the same values of doing business for good.

As our CEO Michael O’Shea says: “We make doing business simple, seamless and fun. That’s what gets us motivated every day. Our vision is to connect compatible businesses all over the globe, take the pain out of procurement and make our clients smile."

Today we have 15 on our dynamic team, a blend of UX designers, web developers, product developers and industry experts from 7 countries speaking 13 languages between us. Our skills are as varied as the towns and cities we live in but together we share a common goal of delivering positive change to an industry and an enjoyable experience on Pulse Market.

To find out more about our people visit: meet the team

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As a team of inquisitive people who are keen to keep our finger on the pulse, we needed to challenge our concept and validate our product during the Beta Test.

Who better to ask than those individuals on the frontline? The buyers and the sellers dealing with the everyday challenges of an outdated procurement process that eats up time and money that we all know could be better spent elsewhere on the business.

That’s why we set up user groups and hosted over 70 interviews to validate and test the concept of Pulse Market. We invited leaders from the world of procurement, with a diverse range of backgrounds from a large, Tier One Edinburgh-based Asset Manager, a UK insurer, a Irish bank, a mix of FinTechs and marketing agencies. The purpose of the user groups and interviews was to allow us to ask questions and for the users to feedback their views while sharing their own experiences and challenges with people in similar roles.

Each person was there to challenge us, challenge the Pulse Market concept and challenge the product features. On the surface each person was different with a unique experience and a unique perspective to bring to the group. It soon became apparent they all shared the same challenges and pain points – ones we had identified early on and new ones we discovered during the user group meetings.

The user groups have been an incredible source of knowledge and we’re grateful to everyone who took part and generously gave up their time and knowledge. Their conversations and insights have sparked many more innovative ideas that the team are already working on to add soon to Pulse Market.

We’d like to thank everyone for giving up their valuable time to work with us and provide their honest feedback and huge amount of encouragement. With their insights we’re confident Pulse Market is a solution that will transform how buyers and sellers will do business for good.

If you would like a demo simply email today.

Every business needs a good origin story. Well here’s ours. Pulse Market began in a Dublin pub with 3 men sitting down together to set out a grand plan. The grand plan was to fix the broken world of procurement and become the force for doing good in business. That’s where the story began.  

Flash forward to July 2021 and we have a team of 15 from around the globe, is live and we’re getting ready to welcome companies onboard to try the Pulse Market platform.  

If you’d like to learn more have a look around our website starting here or read on to discover more about why we started.  

Our three founders from the world of Reg Tech and financial services witnessed first-hand the challenges of buying and selling. They know billions of pounds are wasted every year in a broken system.  

The founders decided to build on their experience and success of running their own businesses. Together, Michael O’Shea, John Dowdall and John Ellis applied their brain power to solving the challenges of procurement for buyers and sellers. As a start-up our founders could start with a blank page.  

The founders were all in agreement that ESG values would be at the core of the business. In the words of John Dowdall:
“ESG is part of our DNA, as individuals and in how we’ve developed our business and the Pulse platform itself. We’re committed to operating responsibly, ethically and, always, with the wider impact of our decisions at the forefront of our minds. We’ve built Pulse Market mindful of the growing focus on ESG, its critical role in the regulatory landscape and in partnership negotiations.”  

As a start-up we are building new and solid foundations by embedding ESG into our culture, unlike larger institutions attempting to retrofit ESG into their culture and values. That’s why in everything we do at Pulse Market we pledge to adhere to ESG in every way we do business. Taking it to the next level we want to help businesses access the tools and companies that can support their own commitment to ESG.  Read more about our ESG Commitment

As you will see Pulse Market is growing rapidly.  

We have the advantage of being an agile start-up ready to embrace intelligent technology to simplify an over complicated system for buyers and sellers.  

As a naturally inquisitive team we are keen to listen and learn and that is key to our rapidly evolving solution.  

If you have any questions or feedback we’d love you to contact us.

For a live Pulse Market demo get in touch today at

When we started out on this venture as three guys in a pub, there were many ideas and hair-brained schemes we banded around that evening. However, at the heart of our discussion was a plan to act and be a different type of business one that was more rounded socially, environmentally but one that still delivered value, revenue, profit and stability. Today our vision and values is at the heart of our actions and our activities.


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