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Are Your Suppliers Your Weakest Link?

Don’t bury you head in the sand, take control of your third-party relationships today. By managing suppliers, you stop exposing your business to a high level of unmanaged risk.

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”It was such an eye opener for me because what I realized was that as an SME, we didn't really manage our suppliers”

Russel Dalgleish,

Chairman of Scottish Business Network

Take the first steps to managing risk

Pulse Vendor Risk Management allows you to take the crucial steps for evaluating, monitoring and managing your supply chain. Our VRM experts can help you review, manage and report in one single location.
Within the platform organise and manage your suppliers by quick and simple labelling and categorising them into risk levels according to ESG, Carbon Net Zero, Cyber Security and so much more.
Upload Your Suppliers
Simply upload suppliers and consolidate in one location. Pulse supports exports from Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, Hubspot and CSV.
Invite your suppliers
Quickly invite suppliers to respond to a Due Diligence Questionnaire. Gather supplier info to validate accreditations, regulatory compliance, cyber security, ESG credentials and more.
Review, Manage & Report
Easily manage suppliers in one location to categorise, compare and mitigate risk. Your business can withstand scrutiny and respond quickly to requests to validate your suppliers.

Would your suppliers stand up to scrutiny?

"With the situation in Russia and Ukraine, my client asked us to produce a validated list of all suppliers. I didn't know where to start!"

Who is the biggest risk to your business?

Businesses are now accountable for how you do business and who you do business with. Customers, investors and governments scrutinise not only your business but your supply chain and the risks your business is exposed to by its weakest link.
The supplier risk is now being fully reviewed, investigated and reported on. Where are you buying your products and services? Who are you using? Are they accredited, audited? Have you done your due diligence on them? Have you a supplier who’s running their business close to being irresponsible or worse still in an unethical manner?
Pulse Market understands that businesses need to carry out due diligence to check suppliers are acting ethically and responsibly. That's why our vendor risk management experts are helping businesses easily review, manage and report in one single location.

Take the risk out of managing your suppliers today with Pulse Market.

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Pulse Market is the only Vendor Risk Management platform and expert solution for your business. Want to learn more? For further information, getting started with managing your supply chain and driving business excellence. 
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Whether you’d like a demo of the platform, have a specific question for us or would like to join one of our user groups, we’d be delighted to hear from you.
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