Pulse Market ESG Third Party Audit

The simpler way to assess ESG impact

"It was such an eye opener for me because what I realized was that as an SME, we didn't really manage our suppliers"

Russel Dalgleish,
Chairman of Scottish Business Network

Asses third party commitment to ESG & sustainability

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Meet the growing demand for ESG transparency and accountability

Enhance Visibility
Gain full transparency over your supply chains, portfolio of companies or clients to comply with investor, customer, and regulatory demands for ESG reporting
Assess Commitment
Identify and manage ESG and sustainability risks in your supply chain, measure and monitor impact over time to deliver your corporate responsibility commitments
Take Control
Engage, audit and validate third parties with automated workflows, dashboards, and reports to assess ESG commitment levels, accreditations, and much more.

What is the biggest threat to your business?

With the situation in Russia and Ukraine, my client asked us to produce a validated list of all suppliers. I didn't know where to start! A dump from Xero? An Excel spreadsheet from Sales?

With supplier relationships and business purchasing being spread across different internal teams, are you really in control of your supplier/supply chain?

The risks, time and effort to your business not having clarity of purchasing and supply could be devastating and affect not only your business but your clients.

Pulse Market understands that we need to be better for good. That's why we are helping businesses manage their suppliers within our platform.

Embrace the opportunities of ESG and sustainability with Pulse Market

Accountability for third party ESG actions and their carbon emissions is fast becoming a priority for organisations at the top of the supply chain, customers and investors. Stay ahead with our Third Party ESG Audit.

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