The beginning of the beginning – an ESG Journey by John Dowdall

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  November 3, 2021

Here at Pulse Market we like to do something a little bit different - something that is likely to define how we do business over the coming decades, and beyond. 

Over the coming years industries across the globe will be looking to commit to action with a view to hitting ESG targets in 2030 and 2050. At Pulse Market we are placing ESG, environment, social, governance at the heart of our organisation. As we put it, our planet, our people, our purpose.  

ESG defines everything about Pulse Market. As a startup, we come with no baggage. We can start with a clean sheet, and the freedom to choose how we approach ESG in our new venture. 

As we begin to uncover the depth and breadth of ESG, it's far from simple, even as a startup with a blank sheet. Other firms have decades of business behind them and must look at how they transition to a new way of doing business, and each organisation is looking to a similar destination. However, each organisation is unique therefore has a hugely different starting point on the journey travelling over very different terrain.  

Where to start?  

For us, the starting point was an open dialogue amongst our founders, our team and our business contacts.  We realised that we are at the learning stage, and many other firms are in a similar place. Let’s be honest, we are at the beginning of the beginning of our journey. Learning and collaborating with others is the route we are taking to fulfill our ESG responsibilities.   

We attempted to break the journey down into two different areas:  

  • an ethical nature of what we want to do as a business  
  • the more regulatory one where we look at what is required of us by regulators.  

This led to a discussion around what is required on a business-to-business basis through ethical supply chains, and what we require at a product level within a business - all vastly distinct factors.  

We can go further in breaking this down into different areas of the E, the S and the G, and we could easily have over complicated things, but we decided to look at what our initial focus as a firm would be. 

Introducing the Pulse Market ESG Working group: driving change and understanding 

So, we thought the best thing to do was bring together firms to listen, discuss and advise each other. We formed the Pulse Market ESG Working Group comprising of Tier 1 asset managers, FinTech, RegTech firms along with consultancies. This has become a regular meeting place to come together to debate the challenges we are all facing tackling environmental, social and corporate governance issues.  

Secondly, we created the ESG LinkedIn members group, which is a community where we share ideas, share discussions, and talk about hot topics relating to ESG.   

Also, on the Pulse Market platform, we will host an ESG zone where firms can find and evaluate ESG solutions of relevance to them. Next step is to create a learning zone with a repository to share industry articles we believe of relevance to the community.  

As I said earlier this is the beginning of the beginning and we will continue to evolve and launch new products to support ethical supply chains.

If you’d like more information about Pulse Market solutions and our ESG Vision get in touch

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