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The Asset Repository

Your very own fully secured library of unique content that’s neatly organised, cleverly categorised and ready to be used at the click of a button.

Export assets

We know that your assets are valuable and we don’t want you to be restricted to where you use them. Our API allows you to instantly pull them into other procurement systems such as FSQS or Achilles.

Use assets easily in other systems or save them out to your local machine.

Access permissions

Share the load by inviting your team members to contribute to the completion of documentation and responses in the Pulse system.

Invite team members to access your company profile and responses.

Assign permission-based access to certain areas of the platform only.

Schedule actions and apply time-stamps (get notified when tasks are completed or overdue).

Valuable content at your fingertips

Never lose track of anything or spend hours searching for something that you vaguely remember writing in the past!

Save every answer you’ve created to every RFP and tender response and build consistency.

Store, tag, edit, duplicate and view all documentation, policies and processes in one place (and ensure accurate version control).

Easy access to video content, marketing materials, images, and documents that bring to life your Company Page
Create and save useful blog content and thought leadership pieces and use them to engage with users and buyers.

Reuse any piece of content for RFPs, proposals, Passports, promotional pages or external systems.

Full audit trail of content and edits, meaning you’ll never misplace another document again.

Keyword search covering file names, content within files and images.

Bulk upload

Gone are the days of uploading each
document separately and manually saving and naming it. Our bulk upload tool will accept all your assets at once and allows you to quickly label them, add keywords and assign to the right area of the asset repository.

Upload hundreds of assets simultaneously.

Label, keyword and tag each asset easily.

Full control over addition of assets to folders.

Search function to help locate each piece of content quickly.

Manual upload option (add files one-by- one)
The 'new’ B2B procurement platform for organisations to instantaneously and seamlessly buy and sell services.
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