Introducing the shared platform that’s set to transform the way we do business. Bringing buyers and suppliers together for good.

Is your business wasting hundreds of hours and thousands and thousands of pounds on RFPs, Proposal and Tenders without any return?

Pulse Market is also delivering significant cost savings for buyers and sellers alike. We understand the everyday challenges of an outdated procurement process that rolls into weeks, then months, swallowing up time and money that we all agree could be better spent elsewhere on the business. That’s why we developed the Pulse Market tools in the first place to simplify and streamline the process for an enjoyable experience while doing business.

An online system that speeds up your workflow

Reuse, add, update and manage all you documentation required in a secure online platform.

Gain pre-validation to RFPs and Tenders you want to respond to

Stop wasting time or money pitching to the wrong businesses

Targeted engagement with high profile buyers

Get your solution in front of the right person every time with our search and select matching tools. Put you ahead of your competitors.

Store, edit, manage and respond from anywhere

Store your assets in a single and secure repository to respond quickly and easily

Compete on a level playing field

Be ahead of the game by being pre-validated for suitable proposals, RFPs and tenders.

ESG at its core

Be part of a sustainable and ethical way of doing business for good.

Getting ahead and changing the world for the better.

We want to do business better. That is why ESG (environment, social and governance) is at the core of what we do, and we are developing the platform to help businesses do good, together.

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executive team

With over 70 seller validation sessions held, our team have understood clearly the needs of the seller trying to get in front of procurement teams. Our executive team would love to take you through our extensive system demo to show you how we have transformed the process for good.

"The RFP, Proposal and Tender process has never changed in over 50 years. Pulse will revolutionise the way we do business for good."

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We’re a start-up with an inquisitive nature, we listen more than we speak, we want to learn from everyone about how we can help build a better platform.

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See all our products in action with our video library of tools and features. With user guides to all of our product and service offerings.
Design agency planning a pitch

View the full product solutions

We have a full range of products that we’ve tailored from hundreds of validation session and built to address buyer and seller procurement and tendering needs.

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Pulse Market is the Data Driven Sustainability Platform for Businesses, Sustainability Experts and Procurement Professionals.
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