The Pulse Company Page Tools

Your Pulse Company Page Profile

Your very own digital shop window, completely tailored to your business. Showcase your skills, services and products seamlessly to audiences that are actively searching for just what you can offer.

Make the best first impression and take control of the content that’s presented to potential buyers.

Promote all industry accreditations and validations earned within Pulse Passport.

Reinforce your credentials with case studies, thought leadership content, videos and marketing assets.

Pulse Profile Management

The mechanics behind the magic! Take control of your search criteria and make sure that your content is seen in all the right places, by all the right people.

An intelligent, data-driven foundation to your business profile.

Use keywords and tags to boost the relevance and searchability of your profile.

Quick set-up using recommended criteria and categorisation.

Pulse Page Creation

There’s no denying it, first impressions count. The Pulse system is your perfect marketing assistant when it comes to professionally and effortlessly promoting your products and services.

Online editor to easily create, edit and build your pages to your unique brand requirements.

Easily add articles, sales aids and client testimonials to reinforce your skills.

Automatically pull in assets from the Asset Repository (latest versions will be replaced without you having to do a thing).

Welcome your viewers with a Pulse Elevator Pitch video.

Integration with external content from your company website.

 Create VIP areas for your most valued partners or business contacts.

API integration with your online content to seamlessly share without having to repopulate.​
The 'new’ B2B procurement platform for organisations to instantaneously and seamlessly buy and sell services.
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