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Proposal Management Console

Pulse has been designed so that you receive a higher volume of relevant and quality RFP invites. At the same time, we’ve made it easier for you to manage and quickly respond to requests through the effective use of stored content and data automation. Never start a response from scratch again!

Communications dashboard

Never miss an update from a potential
customer again with your very own engagement platform that keeps you in- the-know and retains an audit trail of actions.

Communicate directly with buyers and raise questions or supply further information.

Receive and store all notifications from buyers in one place.

Respond to requests for Proposals/Tenders (RFPs/RFTs)

When responding to tender requests do
you ever get a strange feeling of déjà vu? Save your time and your sanity with our innovative response tools, meaning you have all the answers at your fingertips.

Use your unique knowledge bank of content to build responses.

Tap into your asset repository to link answers and keep consistency.

Feed any new responses or contentpieces back into your asset repository for future use.

 A more accurate and speedy process each time (the more responses you create, the more assets you’ll build)

RFP response playlists

We recognise that, even as a Pulse user, you may also need to response to RFPs or tender documents external to the system. So we’ve build some handy tools that will make that process easier too!

Format your response from within the Pulse system and output to send to an external third party.

Use content from your asset repository to respond to each question (our experience tells us that 80%-90% of procurement questions are very similar!).

Auto completion

Let the system do the hard work for you!
Using Artificial Intelligence, Pulse can scan your RFP and suggest the best fitting responses that you’ve used in the past. Leaving you to focus on more pressing tasks.

Scan thousands of pieces of content in seconds (written answers, policies, documents) from those saved in your asset repository.

Keep full control of which content pieces are selected and added.

Reuse, replace and edit previous answers to ensure accuracy, version control, relevance and increased ratings.

Feed third party systems

Because all your assets are securely held in the Pulse platform you may occasionally want to use them to respond to requests in third party systems like FSQS or Achilles.

Automated APIs to enable user content in Pulse to be linked with with other major accreditation and tendering sites all over the world.
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