Product Update February 2021

Author: David Lewis
Date:  February 9, 2021

We Have Lift-off!

It has been a very exciting experience over the past 8 months or so, discovering with your help, what your pain points are around business-to-business procurement and tendering of services, and where we can focus our efforts to best effect in addressing these.  

Our vision for the Pulse Marketplace is to make simple, intuitive, and efficient, the process whereby businesses engage with other businesses to buy and sell services.  

In doing this, we see a need to produce three products/services in one:  

  1.  An intuitive procurement tool to support businesses looking for potential vendors, and then to run a straight-forward, online process to select the best fit for them (a kind of Tinder for Corporates).  
  1. A Vendor Console, which allows a vendor to manage their proposals in an organised and consistent manner, by reusing assets (such as responses to standard questions (e.g., security, financial, governance), company documents (such as certifications, org charts, accounts, etc.) as well as marketing materials (such as videos and product sheets) all in a safe, secure, simple repository.  
  1.  A marketplace, which brings together both sets of users above to review, “peacock” & engage with one another. 

Get Hands-on With Our Prototype.

Today, we would like to share with you, our now 20+ user group of early adopters, exclusive access to an early prototype of the Vendor Console.  

The video below shows some highlights from the prototype, which specifically covers the Vendor Console, the part of the Pulse Marketplace where a vendor can manage their proposals, their Pulse profile, and critically the repository of assets (documents, answers to RFP questions, marketing materials, etc.) that allows them to respond quickly to tender opportunities, both “on Pulse” or to export for use off the platform.  

And we are looking for User Group members to participate in a 30-minute user-experience workshop next week. This will be fun, first hands-on interaction with our new product; no expertise required. In this session, we will use tracking software to follow your progress as you complete a number of “missions” in trying to use the prototype. This will provide invaluable information on how well we are doing in our core mission to provide an intuitive, simple user experience, and where we need to improve. If you would be willing to participate, please email me at 

Join Our Prototype User Experience Workshop.

Sign-up for the 30 min UX workshop next week, where we will be taking our User Group through the prototype. 

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