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Revolutionise procurement workflows, know your suppliers and say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets.

Simplify Procurement

Make RFPs, RFIs and DDQs as easy as doing your ABCs! 

Spark efficiency overload

Create workflow magic with end-to-end automations, notifications and collaborations.

Elevate supplier management

Unlock the power of organisation for your supplier data, certification and performance tracking.

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Crack the procurement code to a sustainable supply chain!

Spark efficiency overload

Say goodbye to manual processes, clumsy spreadsheets, email trails and lost files
Customise questionnaires, automate scoring and notifications for speedy responses
See who has or hasn’t responded to RFPs, RFIs and DDQ
Centralise, organise, store and find crucial documents easily
Communicate and collaborate efficiently with colleagues and suppliers
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Simplify Procurement

Manage entire procurement process in a single, digital workspace
Access dynamic RFX tools to revolutionize procurement
Automate RFPs, RFI and DDQ workflows
Collect valuable insights and data
Evaluate responses side by side, chose the right suppliers
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Elevate supplier management

Get to know your suppliers and select your A-Team
Upload, store and manage your suppliers all-in-one place
Centralise, organise and store crucial documents
Track performance, check compliance and manage risk
Be known as fair and objective decision makers
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