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How do we keep our finger on the pulse?
As a team of inquisitive people who are keen to keep our finger on the pulse, we needed to challenge our concept and validate our product during the Beta Test. Who better to ask than those individuals on the frontline? The buyers and the sellers dealing with the everyday challenges of an outdated procurement process […]
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We're ready to share our origin story
Every business needs a good origin story. Well here’s ours. Pulse Market began in a Dublin pub with 3 men sitting down together to set out a grand plan. The grand plan was to fix the broken world of procurement and become the force for doing good in business. That’s where the story began.   […]
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Pulse Marketplace Product Update January 2021
The first six months of the Pulse Marketplace journey has certainly flown by. Since September, the founding team and vision has now been enhanced through the addition of new team members, clients, advisors, product priorities and lots of discussion!
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Pulse Market February Update
I am very pleased to welcome you to our second ever Pulse Marketplace User Group newsletter. I would like to start by thanking those that responded so positively to the first newsletter and to those who signed up to our first ESG working group.  
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ESG! A Topic That Is As Wide As It Is Deep.
The pulse ESG user group set out their vision.  With ESG at the heart of our business, we are proud to have successfully launched our industry-leading Pulse ESG User Group. Our membership covers large and medium sized asset managers, insurers, Regtech and risk management firms. Our ethos is around idea sharing in an open, honest and trusted […]
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Building A Special Team At Pulse.
Another month on and we're delighted to welcome three more experts to our team and Pulse.
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Product Update February 2021
It has been a very exciting experience over the past 8 months or so, discovering with your help, what your pain points are around business-to-business procurement and tendering of services, and where we can focus our efforts to best effect in addressing these.
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Gathering Considerable Momentum.
It is with great pleasure that we have managed to secure an industry stalwart as our new Chairman. With extensive experience in financial services and building start-up's that fly, we welcome Tim Murphy to the Pulse team.
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Looking Back To Look Forward.
We asked the pulse team for the one key stand-out from the last six months and one key future activity they are looking forward to seeing:
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Bringing Our Pulse Vision To Life.
When we started out on this venture as three guys in a pub, there were many ideas and hair-brained schemes we banded around that evening.
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