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Concept to launch - it's as easy as ESG
As a start-up we have the added advantage of being agile and can respond quickly to the needs of our clients and their suppliers. And that’s exactly what we’ve done for buyers and suppliers in the financial services industry. We have listened, developed, tested, and launched the Pulse Market ESG passport in under 4 months.   […]
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Passport to your ESG destination
Today we are extremely proud to announce the launch of the Pulse Market ESG passport.  The ESG Passport launch, originally scheduled for Spring 2022, was brought forward to support SMEs who can no longer wait to address the urgent climate issues discussed at COP26. It is also driven by the ethical consumer revolution with its […]
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COP26: Time to change the story by Sarah Shannon
There’s been a real buzz in my hometown of Glasgow with COP26 in the heart of my city for 2 weeks.  It’s been fascinating to see world leaders, politicians, businesses, activists, celebs, and people walking, cycling, sailing and flying into town from all over the globe.  Although I’m only a few miles away I was […]
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The beginning of the beginning – an ESG Journey by John Dowdall
Here at Pulse Market we like to do something a little bit different - something that is likely to define how we do business over the coming decades, and beyond.  Over the coming years industries across the globe will be looking to commit to action with a view to hitting ESG targets in 2030 and […]
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Putting the year to date in perspective.
Introducing Michael O'Shea, our CEO, here to reflect on the last six months at Pulse Market. And what a six months it’s been.   Michael said: "The focus was on hiring a quality team. We hired our first four team members in February, and today we are fourteen strong, a fantastic blend of talented individuals from […]
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Hunting, gathering and harvesting our data.
If data is the new oil, then AI (artificial intelligence) must be the new gold and we’ve got both. As a youthful, energised start-up, it could be remiss of us to go off like a greyhound out the trap and get busy building our product hoping like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, that ‘if […]
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A worldwide team, remote and distributed
Diversity makes for a great workplace environment. John Ellis, COO As a co-founder of Pulse Market, it was a personal desire to be part of a diverse, dynamic and energetic company who had sustainable and ethical business practices at its core. Thankfully my co-founders all agreed, and we set off on an amazing journey. At […]
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ESG. The Journey
A muddled mind of tangential thinking by John Dowdall Picture it. Midway through 2020 during one of the strangest times the world has seen (let’s not go there), 3 middle aged white guys, some going grey, discuss a new venture they believe will change the way we do business for the better. At the start […]
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Bringing buyers and sellers together for good
At Pulse Market we talk about bringing buyers and sellers together for good. To tell you more about why we are doing this read on. John Ellis our Chief Operating Officer, explains how we make doing business simple, seamless, fun and above all good. It's what gets the team motivated every day.  We enjoy the interaction […]
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Say hello to Santiago
We have an incredibly talented team from all around the world and we’d love you to get to know them. So that’s why we’ve asked Santiago, our talented developer a few questions to find out more about what makes him tick. Hey Santiago, tell us a little about you? I'm from La Plata city (near […]
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