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Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology to level up your procurement game 
Tech-savvy procurement experts are ditching clunky spreadsheets and long winded email trails to effortlessly manage RFPs and DDQs. We know the procurement landscape has changed for good, manual, outdated, and sluggish procurement methods are a thing of the past are almost a thing of the past - but not for everyone yet. In this blog […]
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How Procurement Tools Cut Out the Daily Hassle (and Break Free from Excel Hell) 
In the ever-evolving landscape of procurement, where efficiency and accuracy are paramount, we know modern procurement professionals are no longer content with the traditional methods of managing their processes. The days of drowning in spreadsheets and manually tracking supplier information are fading away. Thanks to advanced procurement tools the promise to cut out the mind […]
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5 mistakes to avoid when engaging suppliers
For every successful procurement project, there are as many or more unsuccessful projects that run into common pitfalls. The critical success factor to engage suppliers effectively is to identify and avoid common mistakes early on in the process. In this article we identify 5 mistakes to avoid and why it matters. Consider this scenario - […]
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Importance of Communication in Procurement
The secret to building strong supplier relationships! Procurement professionals, understand the pivotal role suppliers play in your business success. Therefore establishing and maintaining strong communications with suppliers is vital to ensure smooth operations and achieve corporate goals. That’s why here at Pulse we believe effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful business relationship. The […]
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Embracing the circular economy: shaping a sustainable future
Circular economy is the hottest topic in sustainability right now. So what is the circular economy? Unlike the dominant linear economy of a ‘take, make, consume and bin’ the circular economy revolves around three principles: Circularity is mostly touched on in conversations with nods of the heads agreeing that it is the right thing to […]
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Why Procurement with Purpose is Vital for Business Success
Are you ready to take your procurement strategy to the next level and drive positive change? Embracing procurement with purpose is a game-changer that goes beyond the traditional focus on profit. Let's explore three compelling reasons why integrating purpose into your procurement practices is crucial 1 Leads the way towards sustainable and fair economies With […]
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Ignite Your Career As Our New Head of Sales!
Are you ready to ignite your career and fuel our growth? We are thrilled to say we are hiring a Head of Sales, who will lead our business to dizzying new heights. As Pulse Market continues to expand, we're looking for a dynamic leader who is ready to shape their own future and the future […]
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CDP Reporting: Building a Sustainable Future
Corporate environmental accountability has become crucial in recent years, as stakeholders evaluate how companies are addressing climate change impacts and emissions. A key resource in this effort is CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project), an international non-profit organisation that helps corporations create sustainability programs aimed at reducing emissions and pollution into our environment. […]
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Rising to the Net-Zero Challenge:
Key Considerations for SMEs Competing in Tenders Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 5.5 million businesses that drive innovation and job creation in the UK economy. But they also have a significant impact on supply chain carbon emissions, making them a target for accountability under Scope 3 regulation. To address their own indirect carbon […]
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Get Ready for CBAM: The Next EU Regulation Set to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Staying up to date with evolving ESG regulations is more important for businesses than ever before. In this article we explore an EU regulation coming into force in Autumn 2023. It is CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism). Read on to understand what this could mean for your business and prepare for its implementation in October […]
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