Importance of Communication in Procurement

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  July 25, 2023

The secret to building strong supplier relationships!

Procurement professionals, understand the pivotal role suppliers play in your business success. Therefore establishing and maintaining strong communications with suppliers is vital to ensure smooth operations and achieve corporate goals. That’s why here at Pulse we believe effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful business relationship. The procurement professionals we talk to shared how they foster good supplier relationships with clear and consistent communication to negotiate favourable terms and conditions.

Procurement professionals explained that clear and consistent communication helps in understanding the needs and limitations of both parties. With this knowledge, procurement professionals said they can negotiate favourable terms and conditions that benefit all parties involved. For example they benefit by:

  • creating and developing mutually beneficial agreements that drive growth
  • addressing any issues or concerns that may arise promptly

However, these conversations can be time consuming bound up in emails trails, sending and resending documents, clunky excel spreadsheets containing links that become difficult to track, no audit trails and fail to comply with good goverance.  

That's where Pulse Market comes in! Our innovative platform empowers procurement teams with communication tools, streamlining interactions with suppliers and enhancing collaboration. With Pulse Market, we can take your supplier relationships to the next level!

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