How Sustainability Champions are Changing Business for the Better

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  March 5, 2024

Today's businesses are changing for the better because of the sustainability leaders working in their company. These people don't wait around. They know business must act fast to solve environmental problems. That's why they are always ready to try new technology developed with sustainability in mind - directly addressing the challenges the likes of responsible sourcing leaders and impact officers face monitoring value chains and managing reporting tasks.

Making Buying Responsible

As we know responsible sourcing teams push their companies to buy things in a way that's good for the planet and fair to people. They carefully select suppliers who care about the planet and treat their workers well. This undoubtedly makes the company look good and attracts customers who care too.

Using New Tech

As mentioned earlier sustainability leaders embrace new ways of doing things and that includes new technology designed with sustainability at the forefront - instead of retrofitted in a clunky fashion. For example they might use clean energy, eco-friendly packaging, or smart data tools to use less and save more. Pulse technology is developed to enable leaders to efficiently verify supplier claims and evidence sustainability activity in their supply chain.

Benefits of Changing

When companies listen to appointed sustainability leaders, they win in many ways:

  • They Work Better: Making things more efficient means doing more with less, saving time and money.
  • They Save Money: Being kind to the earth often costs less in the long run, like using less energy or producing less waste.
  • They Help the Planet: These actions are good for the environment, which is good for everyone's future.
  • They Stand Out: Companies that genuinely care about these issues attract customers, investors, and partners who value the earth.
  • They Avoid Problems: Buying responsibly and using new tech helps companies avoid trouble with supply chains, running out of resources, and breaking environmental laws.

Ultimately sustainability leaders and responsible sourcing specialists are key to making businesses more sustainable and one big step forward is being open to new technology. Their switch to new tech pays off by making operations smoother, saving money, and helping the planet. As we face big climate challenges, their role is more important than ever. They're making sure businesses are ready for the future, in a way that's good for everyone.

Talk to our client services team and discover how Pulse Tech can verify your responsible sourcing.

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