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Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  April 9, 2024

Most companies know they need to start reporting on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) actions. But, many of them haven't even begun to set goals. Why? They simply don't know where to begin. This is where sustainability consultants, like you come in. You are not just advisers; you are the key to unlocking sustainability data hidden in their company and in their supply chains. The first step to a successful sustainability journey begins by hiring consultants with the expertise to make sense of the data and develop an ESG strategy aligned to each unique company.

Going beyond Excel to master sustainability insights

What's holding them back? Right now, too many companies still use clunky Excel spreadsheets to manage their data, which can be unwieldy. Imagine having a tool that makes collecting and managing data easier and secure. This tool wouldn't just collect data; it would help consultants and your clients understand data hidden in the company and suppliers.

With Pulse market you have a robust platform that enables you to ask the right due diligence questions, sort their answers, and turn all that info into easy-to-understand reports.

Ready for the solution?

Our platform is increasingly becoming the secret tool for consultants working with clients to deliver a CSR strategy and setting sustainability goals. Not only are they collecting the right data from the company and their supply chain they are able to save days interpreting the data.

Companies can effortlessly gather supplier data, keep everything in one place, and clearly visualise the data on our customisable dashboards. Above all they can trust the data is safe and secure, aligning with security standards like ISO 27001. This is a big step up from spreading sensitive data across excel spreadsheets and laptops.

So, for companies looking at ESG reporting and feeling stuck, there's a clear way forward. With the right guidance from consultants and using the right tools like Pulse Market, delivering ESG goals and sustainability reporting becomes much more straightforward.

Why sustainability consultants are choosing Pulse Market?

  1. Streamlined Advice: Consultants can easily guide clients through the ESG reporting process, thanks to straightforward features and tools on Pulse.
  2. Effortless Data Gathering: collecting essential sustainability and ESG information from suppliers is simplified - saving consultants valuable time.
  3. Effective Supplier Engagement: consultants can design and send questionnaires with the relevant questions to gather richer data from suppliers on behalf of their clients.
  4. Easy Information Organisation: Efficiently organising and storing supplier responses and company info - such as certifications and policies - helps consultants easily manage and accurately analyse client data.
  5. Quick Report Generation: Automatic report creation allows consultants to deliver insights to clients faster, without manual work arounds.
  6. Clear Data Visualisation: Dashboards provide consultants with an easy way to visualise and understand data.
  7. Enhanced Data Security: Secure data storage means consultants can assure clients their information and suppliers is safe - building trust.
  8. Compliance Confidence: Using a tool aligned with ISO 27001 security standards, consultants can ensure they're meeting regulatory requirements.
  9. Convenient Access: Centralised data storage allows consultants to easily retrieve all necessary information, improving efficiency.
  10. Time-saving Efficiency: Overall, Pulse Market makes the whole supplier and ESG data management process quicker and more efficient, letting consultants focus on helping clients achieve ESG and sustainability goals.

Bonus Benefit - Access Pulse Market clients looking for expert sustainability guidance!

Ready to make ESG and sustainability data collection easier and have more time advising your clients?

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