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Asset Repository

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Asset Repository


Asset Repository


The Pulse Asset Repository

Secure storage, access and transaction of your assets to the Pulse Shop-front and to buyers with full tracking, permissions and asset management tools
Secure Asset Repository
Your very own fully secured library of unique content that’s neatly organised, cleverly categorised and ready to be used at the click of a button.
Asset Validation and Version Control
Pulse adds market-leading validation, due diligence and search functionality tools to match businesses accurately and effortlessly.
Asset Sharing and Premisson Control
Share the load by inviting your team members to contribute to the completion of documentation and responses in the Pulse system.
Valuable Content at your Fingertips
Never lose track of anything or spend hours searching for something that you vaguely remember writing in the past!
Bulk Upload
Gone are the days of uploading each
document separately and manually saving and naming it. Our bulk upload tool will accept all your assets at once and allows you to quickly label them, add keywords and assign to the right area of the asset repository.

Pulse Page

Present, manage and promote your business profile, assets, credentials and expertise to a open and engaged buyer network.
See and be ready-to-tender vetted buyers
Your shop window is exposed to targeted buyer searches who have RFP and Tenders ready to move. Present your business credentials in the most effective way to score highly in buyers searches.
Rise Above your Competition with thought leadership
Reinforce your credentials with case studies, thought leadership content, videos and marketing assets.
Gain insight and understanding
Pulse has data at its very heart. By sharing, measuring and reporting we are able to give you and your business the bigger picture surrounding your procurement activities.
Rating and raking
Our platform is designed to support and create an ethical supply chain: we’re here to help our clients develop their ESG credentials and choose partners that share their values.
VIP Stores
Create VIP areas for your most valued partners or business contacts.

RFP Managment

Source, manage and engage with live tender, RFP and procurement opportunities. Gain instant validation of questions, scoring and analytical insight to how your responses are being qualified by the buyer.
Artificial Intelligence RFP Matching System
With the autofill/autocomplete RFP engine, you can instantly match your best responses to buyer questions removing 80% of the normal tendering effort.
Response scoring and feedback
We know it can be tricky to compare suppliers
at the early stages of any buying process. The Pulse platform has an intelligent scoring system that can instantly present comparisons based on data provided by all vendors on the system.
Ownership, task and deadline setting
Allocate task-level responsibilities (ownership of each section of an RFP, response to questions, deadlines).
Drag assets from the asset repository
Store,tag,edit,duplicateandview alldocumentation,policiesand processes in one place (and ensure accurate version control)
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