Keeping Our Finger On The Pulse.

Author: David Lewis
Date:  January 11, 2021

A warm welcome to the first Pulse Marketplace newsletter. I am excited to share our story of 3 guys solving the world’s problems in a Dublin bar, through to the startup of our business, Pulse Marketplace. After a few beers, our attention turned to what we could collectively do to make a positive impact in business, in our communities and for our planet. Using our collective 90 plus young years working within Financial Services, we discussed current pains that exist in business that do not readily have solutions. Our attention narrowed to Tenders (RFI, RFP) where huge amounts of manual effort are expended on inefficient and ill-defined processes. There is no standard approach from buyers of services resulting in chaos and pain for solution providers.  

We aim to embed ESG (Economic, Social & Governance) within the Marketplace by encouraging and educating every member of our community. Our ultimate goal is for the entire Marketplace to be carbon neutral. How fantastic would this be.  

We started with two Dublin and one Edinburgh founders, we now have another Scottish addition, one Spanish developer and two Brazilian UX Designers. We are big on values, culture and diversity and this is proven through our recruitment strategy. 

Thanks for reading and looking forward to engaging with our followers on a regular basis. 

Michael O'Shea, CEO


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