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(Environmental, Social & Governance) and sustainability ratings are increasingly influencing buyer choices and all businesses need to carefully consider their practices.
We’re at the forefront of ESG and understand how the regulatory landscape is rapidly changing the way that all businesses need to operate. In the financial industry, for example, the fast-approaching EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requires financial market participants and financial advisers to incorporate sustainability risks across various aspects of their operations, including disclosures, integration into policies such as remuneration policies, risk policies, the investment process, product governance and wider internal processes and systems.

Pulse Market has been designed to support and create an ethical supply chain: we’re here to help our clients develop their ESG credentials and easily find partners that share their values.
Regulatory Compliance and Data Requirements
Investor/Client requirements
Investment Opportunity
Regulatory Compliance and Data Requirements

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Be part of the driving force overcoming the challenges and discovering opportunities in the world of ESG. Pulse Market is working with Financial Services companies, to help bring their supply chain on an advantageous ESG roadmap to success. If you would like further information on how we can help your supply chain gain the ESG Passport, please contact us below:
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Pulse Market is the Data Driven Sustainability Platform for Businesses, Sustainability Experts and Procurement Professionals.
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