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Bring your supply chain in from the ESG


Align your supply chain to your business ESG roadmap

Suppliers are key to helping the financial industry respond to pressure from consumers, investors, ESG regulation and supporting the drive to be better. The question is how do buyers align suppliers with your company’s ESG goals and vision? The answer is the Pulse Market ESG passport.

Kick start your supply chain alignment with ESG Passport

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Simplify the process of bringing buyers and sellers together for good with a step-by-step process that’s easy to complete.

ESG Passport is the complete end-to-end solution for Financial Services businesses


Simplify the process of bringing buyers and sellers together for good with a step-by-step process that’s easy to complete.


Share your ESG vision to help suppliers align with your ESG business goals, share reports, and let you know who is following your roadmap.


Educate your suppliers with our ESG tools and resources to strengthen their commitment to your ESG vision and ethical supply chains.

Endorsed by Scottish Investment Operations

The Pulse Market ESG Passport was exclusively developed in conjunction with Tier 1 Asset Managers. It’s a business health check endorsed by Scottish Investment Operations (SIO) to support the financial services industry, its suppliers and partners.
The SIO is a professional body which supports fund management, asset servicing and investment banking companies based in Scotland.

“Scottish Investment Operations (SIO) and its member firms are committed to leading the financial services world globally in ESG, ensuring that there are ethical supply chains. We are delighted to launch the ESG Passport, in conjunction with Pulse Market, to ensure that our firms’ suppliers have an advantageous starting point to begin their ESG journey.”
Mark Carruthers - 
CEO Scottish Investment Operations

Map your supply chain to your ESG roadmap

Engage your suppliers with ESG Passport - we take care of the rest!

As a buyer you get co-branded:
Landing web page for your suppliers
Email template to send to suppliers to activate the process
ESG Action Plan pdf aligned to your company’s priorities
ESG Passport guide for suppliers
ESG Guide packed with helpful information
Reports to identify which suppliers are on board (or not)
Your suppliers get:
Invited to take ESG Self-Assessment in under 30 mins
An ESG Action Plan - aligned with your company’s ESG priorities
ESG guide packed with helpful information
ESG Passport Certificate – valid for 1 year to display ESG credentials
Bonus! Free access to Pulse Market Platform for buyers and suppliers to showcase your businesses and access even more tools.

Interested in supporting your supply chain through the ESG Passport for Buyers?

Be part of the driving force overcoming the challenges and discovering opportunities in the world of ESG. Pulse Market is working with Financial Services companies, to help bring their supply chain on an advantageous ESG roadmap to success. If you would like further information on how we can help your supply chain gain the ESG Passport, please contact us below:
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