Sustainability/ESG Is An Integral Part Of Our DNA.

Author: David Lewis
Date:  January 11, 2021

How does your business compare?

ESG is at the heart of the Pulse Marketplace. As a platform we will focus on promoting responsibility in the areas of climate change, Labour rights, diversity and business ethics. Over the last decade ESG has moved from purely a marketing tool sometimes looked on as greenwashing, to being a core focus for firms, and now a key focus area for integration into a companies DNA. Furthermore, regulators now have ESG in their sights in 2021 and beyond. The ESG regulatory landscape is rapidly changing the way the financial industry operates.  

The fast-approaching EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requires financial market participants and financial advisers to incorporate sustainability risks across various aspects of their operations, including disclosures, integration into policies such as remuneration policies, risk policies, the investment process, product governance and wider internal processes and systems. The EU Taxonomy regulation defines whether an economic activity constitutes an environmentally sustainable activity, which helps asset managers ensure they are anti-greenwashing. 

In this regard, Pulse is developing working groups to focus on key areas of ESG for members (both financial services firms and solution providers) to aid in the process of standardising the response from both an ethical & a regulatory standpoint. Firms who wish to express an interest in joining the ESG working group can contact John Dowdall ( 

Join the Pulse Team as we look at all standards, guidance and issues surrounding ESG today.

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