ESG! A Topic That Is As Wide As It Is Deep.

Author: David Lewis
Date:  February 19, 2021

The pulse ESG user group set out their vision. 

With ESG at the heart of our business, we are proud to have successfully launched our industry-leading Pulse ESG User Group. Our membership covers large and medium sized asset managers, insurers, Regtech and risk management firms. Our ethos is around idea sharing in an open, honest and trusted environment.  

We have deliberately kept the user group to under 10 members (for now), as the initial focus is to define the scope, purpose and structure of the group.  

Our first session was refreshing, as challenges, ideas and much more were openly shared within the group. Each member shared their specific interests in ESG from their corporate roles and how there is a lack of standardisation and approach to ESG across the industry, With ESG being as wide as it is deep, it is no easy task to define a single topic to focus on, however, consensus was reached that the group will share their specific ESG topics. These topics will then be voted on to identify the first topic for the group. 

The key themes that the group discussed are summarised as follows:  

  • Regulatory compliance and data requirements 
  • Investor/client requirements  
  • Investment opportunity 
  • ESG in procurement (ethical / sustainable procurement) 
  • ESG Ratings 

'We have a really good market structure basis in the US and globally to build upon. We don't need to build a new market structure. But there's a lot of work that's going to have to be done. Every indication is that the Biden administration is going to be pursuing work in that area just as we've seen regulators in Europe and other jurisdictions do.' 

Kenneth Bentsen, president and CEO of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA)

Be Part Of Our Sustainability/ESG User Group.

Firms who wish to express an interest in joining the ESG working group can contact John Dowdall.

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