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The Buyer Procurement Console

Imagine a system that takes all the hard work out of shortlisting, qualifying and comparing suppliers. One that hand-picks compatible business partners from the whole industry, based on your unique requirements, so that all you need to focus on is finding the right chemistry and end product.

Build and manage my RFP/Tender

Never build another tender document in Word or Excel again. With our centralised dashboard you can create, manage, control and retain consistency of the full procurement process starting right here.

Instant RFP builder: create your document from scratch, quickly reuse previous RFP content, or start from our ‘best in class’ template libraries.

Boost your success: learn from the best performing RFPs on the platform.

Shortlist candidates: begin grouping and cross-checking potential suppliers.

Automatic matching: let the system seek out the most compatible suppliers based on the unique requirements of your RFP.

Supplier validation DDQ

We know it can be tricky to compare suppliers at the early stages of any buying process. The Pulse platform has an Intelligent scoring system that can instantly present comparisons based on data provided by all vendors on the system.

Results from Due Diligence Questionnaires collated and compared side-by-side.

Evaluate third party partners accreditations or validations.

Review Pulse Passport credentials for each shortlisted supplier.

Quickly carry out some 'light touch' engagement with potential suppliers through the system.

Analytics dashboard

When you’re managing multiple Tender
processes at the same time, keeping track of everything and following-up on actions can be a headache. We’ve built a ‘all-in- one’ dashboard which acts as your procurement PA and will ensure that nothing slips through the net.

Instant view of which projects are on track and which are behind schedule, highlighting which stages and which suppliers are causing issues.

 Status flags to act as reminders of which stages/processes are complete and the outcome of each.

Intelligent insights giving an understanding of how effectively your processes are working. Reporting and scoring of deadlines, completion rates, responses, views and engagement rates.

Buyer Team Shared Responsibilities

We understand that the buying process can be a full-time internal project management job of its own. The platform allows you to easily share responsibilities with your team and track progress at every stage.

Remove the pressure of managing documents, saving files, allocating roles, taking notes and, generally, carrying out unnecessary admin – it’s all taken care of in the system.

Invite internal team members and decision makers to the platform, set tasks and deadlines for each project.

Allocate task-level responsibilities (ownership of each section of an RFP, response to questions, deadlines).

Set automatic notifications to keep track of deliverables and deadlines.

Supplier management

The importance of communicating with
your network of suppliers and creating a positive brand impression has never been more crucial. Pulse allows you to have an ongoing conversation with your current and future partners instantly and easily.

Keep your suppliers up-to-speed with your business, giving them the opportunity to learn and improve their service to accommodate your objectives.

Provide updates, notifications of your needs, updated documents, request policy updates from current suppliers.

Audit trail

Never have another ‘oh no’ moment when it comes to managing your buying process. Everything you and your team do on the platform is tracked so that you can account for your every move!

Access a full audit trail of activity and keep on top of access, edits, updates and communication across all of your projects.

Share responsibilities and make sure you can keep accountability of who has completed what (or not as the case may be!).


The procurement process never stops!
Contract evaluations and end dates come around quickly and we know that planning for these needs to start early. Pulse helps to keep you on-track by flagging actions ahead of schedule and keeping all the relevant documentation to hand.

Automatic flags for upcoming tender events and contract expirations.

Secure storage of previous Tender documents and the ability to reuse and edit quickly online.

Quick communication with existing suppliers to provide updates on next steps and renewal dates.

Board reporting

When it comes to proving costs savings and efficiency of your procurement process, we have all the data you’ll need to fully report back.

Access a full datadetailing all processes, history and actions – showing how time, effort and costs are being applied effectively.

Use KPIs and analytics to highlight the engagement levels, response times and completion rates for all your projects.
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