Bringing buyers and sellers together for good

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  September 1, 2021

At Pulse Market we talk about bringing buyers and sellers together for good. To tell you more about why we are doing this read on. John Ellis our Chief Operating Officer, explains how we make doing business simple, seamless, fun and above all good. It's what gets the team motivated every day. 
We enjoy the interaction of people, the excitement of new business opportunities and building long term sustainable relationships. We are using our many years of experience of the difficulties and in-efficiencies in doing business to build an exciting new way to meet, discover, engage, and benefit from working with one another. 
We strive to make it fun, simple and speedy to do business within a resilient and secure infrastructure. Pulse Market is about community, participation, support and being the go-to platform for insightful thought leadership and relevant information. We are an enabler to giving back freedom, time and removing stress from existing business processes. 
Our purpose is to help everyone do business more effectively, efficiently and putting a smile back on our clients faces. We are Pulse, we are fun to work with and it will be a joyful experience working with all our clients, now and in the future. Many of our investors have significant experience and extensive networks, and we look forward to working with them and benefiting from their support in the months ahead. 

Outrageous cost savings 

By delivering process and template standardisation, a golden copy tender asset repository, instant vendor matching, and many more features, the Marketplace saves significant costs for all participants. 

Inituitive and user friendly 

Our obsession is to make the Marketplace a fantastic user experience. Easy to use, very intuitive and we create a reason for users to come back every day.  

Substantial time savings 

Our efficient processes, standardisation and re-usability of tender assets, significantly reduces the end to end elapsed timescales. Resources are freed up to add additional value to your business. 

Sustainability, ESG at our core 

Sustainability is core to our business. We want to help drive our members to be good citizens to their employees, communities and to the environment we all share. 

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