"We make doing business simple, seamless and fun. That’s what gets us motivated every day. Our vision is to connect compatible businesses all over the globe, take the pain out of procurement and make our clients smile."

Michael O'Shea

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Our Visions, Values and Why

Together, our founders have almost a century worth of experience in the Financial Services/RegTech industry. Our two Johns and Michael have run successful businesses, built market-leading products and been hired to advise major firms on their regulatory needs. Having worked together at various points in their careers, they’re a tight unit that play to their individual strengths but are all equally passionate about real transformation of the industry. They have all experienced, first-hand, the inadequacy of the procurement processes that major businesses use. As such, they recognised an urgent need to develop a standard approach to alleviate the current chaos, expense and pain that buyers and suppliers are familiar with. And, with that, Pulse Market was born!


From day one we have devoted ourselves to ethical business practices. With ESG at the heart of our business, we deliver a responsible and sustainable procurement solution. More and more, sustainability ratings are influencing buyer choices and all businesses need to carefully consider their practices. Our platform is designed to support and create an ethical supply chain: we’re here to help our clients develop their ESG credentials and choose partners that share their values.


We’re driven by a commitment to continually deliver excellence. Pulse Market is designed by people with a shared passion for doing business, who have previously built successful platforms and know the industry inside-out. We don’t rest until we’re confident that our user experience is unparalleled. Our intuitive matching process, secure asset repository, intelligent RFP management system and engaging marketplace will bring us all closer together and transform the way that we do business.


Community is at the heart of our business. Our product and everything that surrounds it is inspired by real people, real places and real stories. We’re here to revolutionise procurement for the good of all in business – using data and technology to make it easy, pain free, profitable and enjoyable. And we’re on a journey to build a global community who share a love for what they do and have a desire to connect with like-minded partners to make an even greater contribution to the industry.

We have lift off

Product Alpha Test Drive
Giving our user group access to test drive the platform.
"It has been a very exciting experience over the past 8 months or so, discovering with your help, what your pain points are around business-to-business procurement and tendering of services, and where we can focus our efforts to best effect in addressing these."

Michael O'Shea, Founder/Chief Executive Officer
"our future is looking bright, with our team expansion and product Alpha in review we're excited and ready for the adventure ahead."

David Lewis, Founder/Chief Marketing Officer

Join the transformation

Help us build your platform to suit your needs.

Having already done over +70 initial validations session, run +10 User Groups and of course asked every person we have ever met what they saw as valuable tools and services, we are on a mission to build something special that you would love to see. So, contact us with your thoughts, your ideas, be part of the testing, part of the product roadmap. We're looking forward to helping you succeed.
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Whether you’d like a demo of the platform, have a specific question for us or would like to join one of our user groups, we’d be delighted to hear from you.
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The 'new’ B2B procurement platform for organisations to instantaneously and seamlessly buy and sell services.
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