5 unbeatable reasons to cut excel from procurement

Author: Sarah Shannon
Date:  November 15, 2023

Let's talk RFPs and DDQs and how we can make them simpler for all involved. Every procurement request should be submitted in writing and sufficiently detailed. That’s when unwieldy excel sheets, endless email trails and multiple file uploads instantly make a simple request a laborious time sucking ordeal. Projects are delayed as the procurement department must carry out full due diligence and involve all key stakeholders in the approval process. The biggest headache for all involved is Excel that is holding back your projects.

We all know an RFP or DDQ can start out relatively simply but not for long!  A request for a new software license for the marketing department or something more complex like outsourcing cyber security support quickly faces the same blockers.  

As organisations’ strive for efficiency and seamless workflows it’s time to consider cutting out Excel from your procurement processes.  

 Here are 5 compelling reasons to cut excel out time consuming Excel: 

1) People: Boosting Morale and Productivity 

The excitement of a new project or supplier can quickly wane when the procurement process turns into a tedious, time-sucking ordeal. Excel sheets, endless email trails, and scattered files can drain the enthusiasm of your team members. Sound familiar? Maintaining a grasp of valuable information becomes challenging, and deadlines may be missed. 

The alternative?  

Embrace a single console that streamlines your procurement workflow. With an organised and user-friendly system, you can collaborate and keep your team engaged, prevent information loss, and ensure everyone stays on top of project deadlines.  

Check out this video to witness the transformative power of a simplified procurement process. <insert video> 

2) Process: Efficiency is Key 

Following your organisation's procurement process is crucial, but it becomes counterproductive when gathering and retrieving relevant information becomes a bottleneck. Adopting an alternative to Excel you can make responding to requests, organising information, and handling RFPs a breeze. 

A slick procurement platform with easy upload features, efficient categorisation, and centralised management console ensures that your team can navigate the procurement process seamlessly. Best of all you save time, reduce delays, and keep the procurement workflow on track. 

3) Paperwork: Bringing Order to the Digital Chaos 

While we may live in a digital and supposedly paperless world, Excel and scattered files still manage to overshadow the benefits of a streamlined digital process. Keeping track of paperwork, contracts, and documents scattered across multiple desktops can lead to confusion and errors. 

Cut out the clutter and embrace a centralised system that allows you to keep track of everything in one place. Say goodbye to lost documents and hello to an organised, digital repository. 

4 Evaluation: Informed Decision-Making, Minus the Bias 

To level up your procurement game, evaluation is key (that’s unbiased!). With the right tools you can easily attribute scores, gather additional information, and seek clarification without the bias that may seep into the decision-making process when relying solely on Excel. 

Modern procurement solutions provide the tools needed for a fair and transparent evaluation. Benefit both buyers and suppliers by removing bias, fostering healthy competition, and ensuring that decisions are based on merit and value. 

5) Collaboration: Breaking Down Silos for Seamless Cooperation 

Procurement is rarely a solo endeavour; it involves collaboration among various departments, stakeholders, and teams. Excel, however, tends to create silos, making it challenging for different entities to work together seamlessly. 

In conclusion, bid farewell to the Excel era in procurement and embrace a more efficient, organised, and streamlined approach. Your team will thank you, your processes will thank you, and your overall procurement efficiency will skyrocket.  

It's time for a change—watch your procurement process transform for the better. 

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